Our primary aim is to provide information and support to Australian and New Zealand living in the Netherlands. We achieve this through organising many different types of social activities, their partners and children, too. Members receive a monthly magazine and on our website we have a list of useful links - especially handy for newcomers - but we do update it regularly with information we think might interest our members.

There are many expatriate clubs and networks operating in the Netherlands, and the local governments often have programs specifically for the expat community. These clubs provide for a variety of nationalities and interests and we have many members belonging to more than one.

Our club is not just for temporary expats. Many of our members are married to Dutch partners, have lived here for many years and call the Netherlands home. We have members of all ages and demographics. Some have grandchildren, some have newborns. Some of our members are in the Netherlands to further their careers and some are here to support their partners.

Our members reflect the multicultural nature of both Australia and New Zealand. Our membership includes people from many different backgrounds, the common thread being Australian or New Zealand citizenship, interests or associations.